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Welcome to the Searunner Trimaran and Searunner Catamaran owners list web site. Here you will find information on Searunner Trimaran sail boats, Searunner Catamaran sail boats, Seaclipper Trimaran sail boats and Constant Camber Trimaran sail boats.

Many of our members have built their boats from plans bought from the Searunner Design Partnership. Plans for all these great boats are available from John Marples. Go to the links page for his URL.

If you have a Searunner, Seaclipper, or Constant Camber sail boat and are not part of the Searunner Owners List, please go to the information form and send in your boat information. A web page will be built for your boat and will be put up on the Searunner Owners List for all to see.

Searunners: You can't move up from a Searunner!